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r dyer / r thomas recommend -
"Leave the wrapper on that thing!"

Welcome to the
r dyer / r thomas website!

r dyer / r thomas visitors are indeed special,
valued internally and...eternally!


Who We Are

The songwriting duo, r dyer / r thomas, has existed since way back in 1970. Take a look at the pics!

Sadly, today the duo is represented singularly by r thomas. r dyer joined the "heaven help us!" jam band back in 2010.

r dyer does exist within the constitutional structures of all r dyer / r thomas song productions. If he was still alive, he would definitely dissaprove all my songs, so don't blame him!

I, r thomas, create songs drawn upon r dyer's classic rock musical structure discipline. Though I never prevailed in any songwriting arguments with r dyer when he was alive.... who is to argue now?

r dyer / r thomas songs I have brought to the public are loose, undisciplined swatches of my lyrical fabric, entwined with grandiose, indescribable, tattered, outdated, incoherent musical brush strokes of my own choosing! I thank all r dyer / r thomas song listeners! I may be slightly deficient to ask discerning listeners to embrace songs seemingly written to be less comprehensible than a drunk, symphonic Mahler; sung by a croaking cartoon of, "the Frog," mimicking Edgar G. Robinson! I accept my apologies on your behalf!

Long live r dyer!


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